A Patient With Cancer Thanks Her Brilliant Doctors and Nurses


A woman writes a poem to thank the doctors and nurses who treated her ovarian cancer and changed her life.

March 24 was the day that my treatment did end.

Radiation therapy was the call and I needed to send,

A thank you note to all the people who were there,

Who offered me so much more than incredibly awesome care!

I know that the clinic is rated number two which is better than three.

But it should be rated number one as far as I can see.

It deserves so much more as the staff throughout the place

Were always smiling and polite when they saw my face.

My care began in 2014 with Dr. Rose and his crew.

They operated and used HIPEC which was something new.

That worked until 2017 when a lymph node took flight.

And by February 2018, I again was in a fight!

More surgery that month kept me clear until 2020.

When more nodes became hot, I knew that I was plenty

Lucky that the clinic was just an hour away.

I once again relied on their expert care to save the day.

Those nodes are now gone but three new ones did come

Dr. Cherian and his staff once wanted them to succumb

By zapping the latest hot spots and I finished this week.

Now it will be back to Canton for the chemo I seek.

From the moment you are diagnosed with the terrible news,

You are frightened and worried, you do not want to lose,

This battle with cancer, it is a difficult plight,

And you must do your best each day and put up the fight.

That is why we seek to find the absolute best.

The Cleveland Clinic is better than the rest.

The staff are professional, caring and kind.

They put you at ease when you are out of your mind.

The valet staff and the greeters at the door

Smile and share a great rapport.

The desk assistants, aids, techs and support staff

Will often try to make the patient laugh.

The doctors and nurses are brilliant like the stars in the sky.

They shine with their knowledge and they continue to try

To heal all the patients who come down their halls.

The "thank you's" we say echo off all the walls.

Thank you, Cleveland Clinic for all the great care.

Ovarian cancer is my fight, and some days it is a bear.

But the folks that took care of me made my journey better.

So, I say thank you to all by writing this letter.

Special thanks to Brian, Amanda, Cristine, Ellen, Mary, and Tamara.

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