About Caring Men Global

Press Release

Caring Men is designated a 501 (C) (3). We have as its sole mission the education of men on how to deal with cancer when it strikes the family or a loved one. We are dedicated to building a community of men to help one another and leverage our multiple connections within the cancer community to support our mission.

We stand for leadership, guidance, and inspiration, which means we can help men succeed during cancer.

Our target audience is any man close to a relative, loved one, or friend needing help throughout the cancer challenges.

I have lived through the challenges of leading a family through cancer, from diagnosis to end-stage disease. My experience is battle-hardened, and the experience I learned through this process will be available throughout our programs.

We aim to have all men, women, and children recognize that Caring Men is the” Go TO” site to obtain all the necessary information to guide a family or friend through the cancer process. We will offer seminars from psychologists, oncologists, and medical professionals, as well as links to every available source of information. We will be a “library” that offers unlimited data to help men through the process.

Social media today offers the greatest means to distribute information. Individuals can research how to care for a patient at any time. The Caring Men site will be connected to all social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as many others.

Caring Men will be a global site as cancer knows no borders. Approximately 18 million cancer cases yearly, affecting those without recognition of their socio-economic position. Our site will comfort those needing information to be more confident in caregiving. It is known that when patients are stressed, their cortisol levels increase, interfering with their treatments. Having the caregiver more confident in their caring will make the patient more comfortable, and therefore their cortisol levels will decrease for more effective treatment.

Caring Men will:

1). Develop a “crowdfunding” program to raise funds to build a website. This website will be the foundation where all men gather the information needed to help any patient. We will have direct links to key advocacy groups, medical sites, pharma, etc.

2). Develop blogs so that men can communicate with each other,

3). Have an ongoing grant program to consistently raise funds to support our platform and to develop other online programs to support men,

4). Develop an email campaign to raise funds to support our mission,

5). Once funds are sufficient and the budget allows, we will build a direct mail campaign as a supplement to other fund-raising efforts,

Initial staffing will be just me until funds allow for others. We will first look for a part-time development professional as our first paid employee. This person will focus strictly on raising funds to support our mission. Outside professionals will do legal and bookkeeping.

We will build a corporate board with individuals having both business and medical knowledge.

We will build a medical board comprising oncologists, psychologists, and sociologists.

Caring Men will become an internationally known group to support those needing guidance by delivering the information needed to support every male caregiver.