ACIS, and HonorHealth Research Institute Melanoma Clinic Announce Insight Registry Biobank


A Cure in Sight Ocular Melanoma and HonorHealth Research Institute Melanoma Clinic collaborate for Insight Registry Biobank

A Cure in Sight Ocular Melanoma and the HonorHealth Research Institute Melanoma Clinic announce their collaboration for a Biorepository of Metastatic Uveal Melanoma tissue samples to be stored for future translational studies.

Given the rarity of uveal melanoma, there is a lack of understanding regarding the biology of the disease as compared to other, more common tumors. This limited understanding is a significant barrier in the development of effective therapies to combat this disease. ACIS and the HonorHealth Research Institute are working together to develop a multisite biobank of metastatic uveal samples to be used in studies that will lead to a better understanding of the disease. Samples will be available to non-profit researchers based on application submission and approval from a scientific and biobank oversight committee.

The biobank will be housed at the HonorHealth Research Institute, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Samples will be collected from patients at participating biobank sites, shipped to scientists at the HonorHealth Research Institute for processing and stored in the biobank until use. It is anticipated that sample collection and storage will start in the second quarter of 2023. Samples will be available for use starting in 2024. The initial grant for the project was made possible through a gift donation from the Laurie Walters Trust. Laurie Walters was a board member of A Cure In Sight.

Executive Director of ACIS, Melody Burchett said, “A Cure In Sight is excited to be collaborating with the HonorHealth Research Institute and our Insight Registry to create a multisite biobank to provide uveal melanoma samples to help further research into uveal melanoma and serve our patient community.”

Regarding the collaboration, Justin Moser, MD, associate clinical investigator with the HonorHealth Research Institute shared, “We are thrilled to develop a multisite biobank for the collection of metastatic uveal samples. Working collaboratively, the institute connects with patients, donors, physicians, partners and sponsors to share their needs, vision and purpose—because accomplishing the incredible or impossible cannot be done alone.”

A Cure in Sight
A Cure in Sight (ACIS) is a non-profit foundation for ocular melanoma. Founded in 2013 by Melody Burchett, their focus is to provide patient support for those affected with and their families with ocular melanoma, and to raise funds for research. They are members of the Melanoma Action Coalition and Society for Nonprofits. They are sponsored by CASTLE BIOSCIENCES, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits and NORD.

About HonorHealth Research Institute

HonorHealth Research Institute is an international destination at the forefront of providing patients with a better quality of life through clinical trials and innovative treatment options. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona., the institute’s team of physicians and researchers collaborate with experts from across the nation to offer life-changing therapies, drugs and devices. At the HonorHealth Research Institute, patients have access to tomorrow’s cures, today. Learn more at:

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