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April 2023 News Bulletin


Advocacy Chats - Educational Conversations on Cancer Advocacy and Policy Issues

The Impact of Health Equity on Cancer Care

What does health equity look like for patients with cancer? COA Director of Patient Advocacy and Education Rose Gerber, MS, and Cancer Support Community Director of Health Equity Audrey Davis, LPC, PM-LPC, discuss factors that affect patient care and health outcomes, how to reduce their negative impact, and how organizations like COA and Cancer Support Community are working to increase health equity for all patients. Stream it on @OncologyCOA’s YouTube channel today.

Advocacy Spotlight: Abra Kelson, LICSW, Support Services Manager & CPAN Chapter Advocacy Leader, Northwest Medical Specialties, WA

As a social worker and CPAN advocate, Abra Kelson, LICSW, sees the power of advocacy firsthand, connecting patients with needed supports, and using the collective voice of her CPAN chapter to improve cancer care.

As co-leader and founding member of her chapter, Abra builds a strong community of cancer care advocates, holding monthly meetings, meeting with Washington state policymakers, and participating in national COA advocacy events. “We have a passionate group of advocates through CPAN,” she says. “We know we can make a positive impact on community cancer care, both locally and nationally.”

Abra believes it is critical to advocate for community oncology to protect patients’ autonomy and choice—a core tenet of social work. “Community oncology values and hears every patient’s voice. We need to protect community oncology, so patients continue to have a say in where and how they get their care.”

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