August CPAN News Bulletin

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Advocacy Chats - The Psychosocial Impact of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis affects the body and mind. Psychological symptoms like depression and anxiety can cause interruptions in care, careers, and relationships. Treating mental health is crucial to ensuring successful cancer treatment. On Wednesday, August 10 at 12 p.m. ET, Rose Gerber, MS, director of patient advocacy & education at COA, and Lauren Chatalian, MSW, LCSW, director of advocacy and women and children’s program manager at CancerCare, explored the practical concerns families may experience throughout the cancer care continuum and the resources CancerCare has available for those in need. Stream it on @OncologyCOA’s YouTube channel now.

ICYMI: National Organization for Rare Disorders

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, and patients diagnosed with rare cancers face added uncertainty. Coping with a rare disease can be scary, but there are organizations that can help. On Jill Polander, RN, MSN, vice president of patient services at the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), joined Rose Gerber on Wednesday, July 13 to discuss NORD’s research into lesser known and new diseases, including rare types of cancer, and how NORD supports patients. Stream it on @OncologyCOA’s YouTube channel now.

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