Blog: Preview of Tonight's Tweet Chat


On June 14, we'll be co-hosting a tweet chat with Oncology Nursing News to discuss key takeaways from the largest oncology meeting of the year.

How to join #CureConnect tonight:

Tonight, we’ll be joined by Oncology Nursing News and its audience of oncology nurses for our second #CureConnect tweet chat. We’ll recap key takeaways from the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, a gathering of over 30,000 oncology professionals that took place from June 3-7.

  1. Login to Twitter
  2. Follow @cure_magazine, @OncNursingNews and our moderator, Stacey Tinianov (@coffeemommy)
  3. The chat hosts will post questions and topics (see below for a preview — and some "homework"). All you have to do is respond and use #CureConnect!

How it will work:

  1. Introductions of hosts & moderators
  2. Everyone introduce themselves and where they are from!
  3. Topics: T1 At the ASCO meeting, Vice President Biden urged for more data sharing — a breaking down of barriers and more openness. Vice President Biden Tells Oncologists: "We Need You — Now More Than Ever Read here >> T1 What excites you most about open data sharing? What concerns you? T2 A new study has shown that many patients still get aggressive care at the end of life, even if it’s not recommended. Patients Still Getting Aggressive End-of-Life Treatment Though Unlikely to Benefit Read here >> T2 Have you had conversations about end-of-life care? Is this topic discussed enough? What are your concerns about this topic? T3 Several studies looked at monitoring patients between office visits. Web App Boosts Survival for Patients With Lung Cancer Read here >> Wearable Tech: Can It Help Assess Patient Wellbeing Between Office Visits? Read here >> T3 Patients, would you use an app or wearable monitor? Why/why not? Nurses, how could these technologies affect your job? T4 A biosimilar version of Herceptin demonstrated equal efficacy and safety compared with the approved drug. Biosimilar Herceptin Matches Herceptin in Efficacy and Safety Read here >> T4 For both patients and nurses, what do you know about biosimilars now? What questions do you still have? T5 Big strides continue to be made in the development of blood- or urine-based biopsies. Potential for Liquid Biopsy Testing Boosted in Large Study Read here >> T5 Patients, has your health care team talked to you about liquid biopsies? Nurses, how do you think this will affect practice? T6 At the meeting, I interviewed over 60 researchers about supportive/palliative care, psychosocial issues, etc. T6 Do you think palliative and psychosocial care are adequately represented in the large oncology conferences? #CureConnect

Special thanks to Carol Bush, who helped us get this chat off the ground and continues to guide us. Read about why she loves this chat >>

See you tonight!

- Andrew

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