Boldly and courageously


The past few weeks have been laced with emotion. This morning the sadness and fear caught up with me. I stood in the shower and let my feelings unfold as the hot water soothed my body and a rush of tears began to heal my soul. During these summer months two of my loved ones have heard those three terrifying, life-changing words. My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer and just last week we learned that my aunt has very advanced lung cancer. The distortion of time and space that accompanies "cancer" has surrounded me yet again, with moments in time hanging like hours on end. Life has been unfolding in a blur. The initial paralysis of shock has subsided into a determined flurry of decision. There have been biopsies, surgeries, consults, results and difficult conversations. With all of them comes the knowledge that life will never again be the same. A new normal has already started to surface. Office visits and follow ups, waiting rooms and procedures, treatments and side effects, tests and results are quickly becoming routine. How I wish I could shelter those that I love from this strange world of cancer; for the treasure of good health to surround them still.Since that isn't the case, I am thankful I can help ease some of the unknowns and shine a light as they take the first steps of their new journey. Already, there has been an outpouring of support. How lucky we are to have resources and answers, expertise and friendship at our fingertips. To know that others have been where my family now stands is truly a gift. Together, we will step boldly and courageously toward a cure!

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