Breathing in a Gifted Life Beyond Cancer


I choose to stay positive and remain strong through my cancer treatment.

Image of a dark pink ribbon representing breast cancer with one end of the ribbon swirling.

Breathing in a Gifted Life

Living beyond a cancer battle gives back many things
Yet only the present moment in time
it seems to fully bring

I find myself in happiness that is often subdued
Questioning whether second chances are too good to be true

Treading so carefully throughout each day

Guarded with all things if my body should betray
I hold on to moments as light as can be
Not knowing when my final breath will be taken from me

The waves of fear that dominate my mind

The sickness I battle as I grasp for more time

A hat covering my head where I once had long hair
How I wish to forget that I’d ever been there

Looking down upon tubes placed inside my chest and arms
Thankful for medicine working its finest scientific charms

Nurses all suited up so no skin to reveal

Proper cover necessary in case of a spill

Hours of changing medication signaled by a series of beeps
Knowing this process I must endure so I dare not weep

Staying positive I choose to remain strong

Chasing away the bad thoughts until all are far gone

Frequent trips back to check up on me
All I want most is how life use to be
Memories I momentarily store deeply away

Knowing the uphill battle I face on my hardest of days

Often I wonder how nice it could be
to live in current moments happy and free

No worries of loss or of life taken from me

No thoughts of milestones I fear I won’t see

At times my memory lapses for a second or two
Then my mind returns saddened remembering my truth

To be absolutely secure breathing the air that I breathe
Means to learn to live a life gifted
absent of guarantee

This post was written and submitted by Leslie Kearn. The article reflects the views of Kearn and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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