Cancer Brought Me to Sharon in Wonderland


When I received a diagnosis of uterine cancer, I felt like I was falling into Wonderland, just like Alice.

Image of a patient talking with her doctor.

Sharon in Wonderland

How did I get here?

This crazy place called"Wonderland"?

Like Alice, did I fall down a rabbit hole?

Was this just a strange dream?

They told me I had cancer. Uterine cancer.

I was always so careful. I did not sleep around.

How did I get uterine cancer?

I heard them say "You will not survive.”

What stage am I? I asked.

Are you a fighter? They asked

I am. I am. I am. Like Alice.

Wonderland, aka "the Cancer Center.”

My doctors — The Mad Hatter and the Angel, of course.

Doctor No. 1 — The Mad Hatter is an older gentleman, wise, witty and funny.

Ready to bring a smile to my face — to make me forget cancer. Make me forget


Doctor No. 2 — my Angel — so optimistic, her beautiful smile and sure hands promise

to take the cancer out of me.

So, in Wonderland, now I go to surgery. I think to myself — I die today.

Like Alice, I am a fighter — I did not die. I survived.

Like Alice — Pain!!! A constant pain. But, I do not want medicine. Let me have

the pain. Let me know I am alive!!!

The pain still curses itself in my body. I know I am alive!!!

Are you a fighter? They asked.

I am. I am. I am. Like Alice.

Then, my friend, my sister, my Alice — gets her news.

Her cancer is now in her lungs.

She will fight. She will fight. She will fight......... She does not survive.

Are you a fighter? They asked her.

I am. I am. I am — until the very end.

For some strange reason, the Jabbowockey took her and left me.

For some strange reason, the Jabbowockey found her worthy to go to the next

stage of existence and me unworthy.

I like to think my God still has a plan for me.

For some strange reason........

Wonderland holds us all for a while.Some are let go. Some stay forever

in this place called Wonderland.

Are you a fighter? They ask us all.

We are. We are. We are — until the very end.

Iawait for the Jabbowockey to come back and knock at my door.

Until then, I am, I am, I am a fighter — until the very end.

This post was written and submitted by Sharon Snowton. The article reflects the views of Snowton and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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