Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!


LLS is dedicated to decreasing barriers to optimal care by enhancing community engagement, access to blood cancer information, resources, education programs, and support that is linguistically and culturally appropriate.

Through the LLS Hispanic and Latino Outreach Program, LLS is making a long-term commitment to increase community presence, raise awareness of blood cancers and treatment options, including clinical trials, and expand the number of Spanish-speaking blood cancer patients and families served by LLS. The Information Resource Center and Clinical Trial Support Center have bilingual Spanish Information Specialists and these programs as well as our Nutrition Education Service Center registered dietitians have access to interpreter services in over 350 languages.

The Hispanic and Latino Outreach Program has reached thousands of community members through the following relationships and events:

  • LLS launched Cafecito con LLS, a new web-based, talk-show-like education series that offers Spanish-speaking blood cancer patients and families the opportunity to learn about topics relevant to their cancer journey. Cafecito con LLS can be accessed through the LLS website and LLS YouTube channel.
  • LLS presented on the importance of clinical trials in advancing health for minoritized communities at the annual Vision y Compromiso national conference. Vision y Compromiso is one of the largest networks of Spanish-speaking Community Health Workers in the Country.
  • LLS presented at the annual meeting of the Chicago Medical Organization for Latino Advancement (MOLA), a non-profit association of Hispanic/Latino physicians and health professionals in Chicago, Illinois. MOLA works to advance careers, improve linguistic and cultural competency, promote personal wellness, and reduce health disparities for the Hispanic/Latino community.
  • LLS held national and local presentations for the Mexican consulate’s Ventanilla de Salud’s (Health Window) program, an initiative to increase access to preventative and specialty care for immigrant families.
  • LLS increased our reach and engagement of Promotores de Salud and other Spanish-speaking Community Health Workers by providing educational opportunities for them to learn more about LLS and blood cancers, as well as opportunities to volunteer for our organization under the guidance and leadership and our Patient and Community Outreach Managers.
  • LLS increased their engagement of Spanish-language radio and tv outlets such as local Telemundo affiliates.
  • We hired a national Hispanic Outreach Manager to assist in the growth and development of national relationships.

The following Spanish language resources are available to patients with blood cancer, their caregivers and families, and their communities: LLS Spanish website, webinars/videos including Cafecito con LLS, booklets/fact sheets/fast facts, podcasts, and the LLS Health Manager app.

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