Changing My Life for the Better


It is crazy how we find our way to diagnosis.

It was January 2020, and I noticed a familiar sharp pain in my lower left intestinal area—diverticulitis. I had had one previous attack in August 2019. This time my family doctor was out, so I met with his partner—she felt a scan was needed, but with the level of discomfort I had she preferred I get on meds and go home to rest.

Roughly four days later, I still had diverticulitis pain, which is uncommon. Usually the pain resolves in a few hours. I made a call to my doctor’s office, and they advised me to go to the ER to obtain a CT scan.

The attending physician announced, “Diverticulitis,” and I had a few moments of relief. I literally said to myself, “At least it is not my pancreas!” His next words put up a red flag in my head: “We may keep you overnight.” I inquired why, and his thought was to observe and make sure I would not have an obstruction. My next question changed my life in an instant. I simply asked, “How bad can this be?” The doctor went on to read the subsequent findings and asked the following:

  • Have you ever had any pain? Pain that would end in a visit to the ER?
  • Have you ever had pancreatitis?
  • Have you ever been told you have a finding on your pancreas?
  • The answers were all NO.

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