Choosing a Caregiver

Published on: 
CURE, Fall 2010, Volume 9, Issue 3

Questions to ask when hiring a potential caregivers.

You may have plenty of your own questions to run by potential caregivers that pertain to your own needs, circumstances, and personality. The lists below include suggestions from CURE and a variety of professional and non-profit sources.

If you are hiring a caregiver for a family member or friend, consider involving that person in the hiring process as much as possible. And it’s always a good idea to check the reputation of a company through the Better Business Bureau at

If you’re hiring through an agency:>Can the agency handle unexpected schedule changes or emergencies?

>Can the agency support the need for more than one caregiver, if a client needs more than 40 hours a week of assistance?

>How do you ensure that your caregivers are providing quality care?

>What do you charge?

>What proportion of the money I spend will go to my caregiver versus your agency?

>What benefits do you provide your caregivers? Worker’s compensation? Holidays?

For hiring independent caregivers:

>What is your experience in caregiving?

>Why are you interested in this field?

>What do you believe makes you qualified for this job?

>Can you give me the names and phone numbers of references?

>What kind of training have you had? Be specific if you know your needs. What about training or experience in driving? Bathing? Nutrition and cooking? Lifting?

>How flexible or inflexible is your schedule? Can you handle after-hours needs or emergencies?

>How do you handle it when a client expresses resentment toward you?

>Do you have professional liability insurance?

>What do you charge?