CUREWinter 2009
Volume 8
Issue 4

"C" is for "cupid" at online dating site for survivors

Founded by cancer survivor Lesley Topping in 2007, C is for Cupid ( is one of the first, and few, online dating services designed specifically for people whose lives have been affected by cancer. The service is free, run by a handful of cancer survivors and friends, and aimed at providing a comfortable and fun environment for members to connect with others who can relate.

“Dating is a challenge regardless of any situation,” says Topping. “Does this idea work for everyone? No, but it appeals to many, and we certainly have an awesome and diverse membership facing the challenges of a terrible illness.”

As of October 2009, there are about 1,400 members, some of whom, Topping says, have made lasting friendships through the site.

Members create a profile and decide how much personal medical information to reveal about themselves. The private messaging system and mailboxes allow members to pursue relationships, whether it be friendship, companionship, or romantic, without sharing certain information, such as a personal e-mail address, until they are ready.

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