CPAN Advocacy Chat: Dare to Imagine A World Where No One Dies of Cancer

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Advocacy Groups | <b>COA Patient Advocacy Network</b>

February 10, 2021

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and the message is more timely than ever as cancer screenings drop because of COVID-19. In this Advocacy Chat, Prevent Cancer Foundation founder and CEO Carolyn “Bo” Aldige discussed the progress the Foundation has made in cancer research and what attendees can do to avoid a cancer diagnosis, especially during a pandemic.

Bo also offered a sneak preview of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s 50th anniversary theme – Daring to Imagine a World Where No One Dies of Cancer. This is a can’t miss chat!

This is part of our virtual CPAN Advocacy Chats series – short, monthly educational webinars on key cancer issues and the policies that impact them. Each month feature a new topic and special guests joining us. Patients, survivors, caregivers, and other cancer care advocates are all invited to join us for these free, interactive, virtual events!