Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor

CUREWinter 2008
Volume 7
Issue 5

Cancer survivor, author, and actress Kris Carr releases her second book on how to be a crazy, sexy cancer survivor.

You really need a highlighter for Kris Carr’s second book on her unexpected life detour into cancer. This gem is so filled with wisdom, you will find yourself highlighting away.

Carr’s trip through Cancer Land began in 2003 when she learned she had a rare, inoperable stage 4 sarcoma that had spread to her liver and lungs. Since her cancer was stable, her doctors suggested a wait-and-see approach.

The actress-photographer decided to design her own live-with-cancer plan, which she took readers through in her first book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, and the movie that followed where, in irreverent, funny, insightful banter, Carr told us how she followed her own growth as a person with cancer while filming her life.

While most patients cram a lifetime of cancer education into a few months, Carr adds religion, philosophy, psychology, nutrition, and holistic healing to her course load—giving readers a huge dose of each in both books.

She becomes a student of each and every aspect of her body—what goes in her mouth, ears, skin, and heart. She studies, talks to those who have something to share that will help, and ultimately presents it to us in this energetic and fun book about being a person with cancer.

Carr tackles issues of mind, body, and spirit by challenging, scolding, supporting, offering, lamenting, and celebrating this thing called life.

As in her first book, Carr’s second book engages the reader with orders and suggestions, providing in its pages the questions and the space to answer them tucked among Carr’s rants, raves, reviews, and remarkable ruminations about the crazy sexy mission of every person with cancer.