'CURE Expert Connections' Launches 'An Opportunity for Treatment in Relapsed Hairy Cell Leukemia' Video Series


A patient and a physician discuss the treatment landscape of hairy cell.

CURE Media Group — which reaches over 1 million patients, survivors and caregivers across an industry-leading multimedia platform devoted solely to cancer updates and research — has unveiled a nine-episode video series featuring Vince Fazio, who shares his hairy cell leukemia journey with Robert J. Kreitman, M.D.

“We are excited to launch our latest edition of ‘CURE Expert Connections®,’” said Michael J. Hennessy Jr., president of MJH Life Sciences, parent company of CURE Media Group. “Watching Vince Fazio open up about his personal journey on the treatment of hairy cell leukemia with Dr. Kreitman is extremely informative.”

During the nine-part series, Kreitman and Fazio discuss the treatment paradigm of the rare type of leukemia. In the first episode, Fazio, accompanied by Kreitman, describes his symptoms and how he received his diagnosis of hairy cell leukemia. In subsequent episodes, they cover more than Fazio’s personal experience — they also cover how to find reliable information about hairy cell leukemia and talk about treatment, support networks, using multidisciplinary care and more.

In addition, Fazio shares how he felt while waiting for the details of his diagnosis: “That started the most nerve-wracking two-week period of my life — not knowing what was wrong with me, not knowing whether there was a treatment. I was on pins and needles through that period. I could not concentrate on anything — work, nothing. All I had on my mind was: ‘What’s wrong with me, and how can I get rid of it?’”

CURE Expert Connections®” is a video platform designed specifically for patients with cancer featuring information, stories and advice about the cancer journey.

To view the complete video series, click here.