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'CURE Expert Connections' Presents 'Overcoming the Odds,' a Video Series Outlining the Journey of a Stage 4 Renal Cell Cancer Survivor


One patient and a physician expert discuss the aggressive and metastatic disease and consider effective measures to managing toxicities throughout treatment.

CURE Media Group — which reaches over 1 million patients, survivors and caregivers across an industry-leading multimedia platform devoted solely to cancer updates and research — has launched a seven-episode discussion series featuring Steven Gallant, who shares his story of survival with stage 4 renal cell cancer (RCC), alongside Karl J. D’Silva, M.D., medical oncologist, hematologist and medical director at Lahey Cancer Center.

“We are excited to launch this video series,” said Michael J. Hennessy Jr., president of MJH Associates, Inc., parent company of CURE Media Group. “It is revitalizing to experience Gallant’s triumph over RCC as his story is shared with both D’Silva and the audience.”

Throughout the series, Gallant and D’Silva discuss Gallant’s journey to overcome this aggressive and metastatic disease, specifically with cabozantinib treatment. The first episode delves into Gallant’s diagnosis with stage 4 RCC, and the following episodes explore a variety of effective measures to manage toxicities when treating RCC. Topics of the seven-episode series include advice for patients with RCC, as well as the impact of support networks and multidisciplinary care. The series goes beyond Gallant’s personal narrative with stage 4 RCC, as D’Silva offers insight into frontline treatment options, toxicity management with cabozantinib and the typical prognosis of RCC.

Offering advice to individuals who may find themselves in similar situations, Gallant noted, “Whenever you go to the hospital, you should be positive, never feel like a victim. That victim mentality just creates a negative flow in the body. So, I went thinking I had kidney stones. I didn’t think it was a big deal. And when they diagnosed me, as they did, I still really didn’t blink because I’m such a positive person. I just stayed positive, and I believed that whatever was going to happen was the way it was supposed to be. And as it happened, it was synchronistic because of how I ended up with (D’Silva) as a doctor.”

CURE Expert Connections®” is a video platform designed specifically for patients with cancer featuring information, stories and advice about the cancer journey.

To view the complete video series, click here.