CURE's Top 5 Stories: July 2018


Take a look at the top five CURE stories of July 2018 in this video.

Here are the top 5 CURE stories for July 2018.

5. Gut Reaction

Three studies have discovered that specific strains of intestinal bacteria can increase the response rate to immunotherapy in certain patients. Learn more in this feature from our latest special issue.

4. Conversations to Have with Your Oncologist

In this Q&A, we talk with Dr. Gregory J. Riley, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, about what patients should ask their health care teams when they are first diagnosed.

3. Lesser Known Symptoms of Breast Cancer

There are many signs and symptoms of breast cancer, although some of them aren't very well known. Learn more about how to recognize them with this piece.

2. Six Major Savings Opportunities for Cancer Survivors

In the words of the author, “Sometimes it pays to play the cancer card.” Here, contributor Ryan Hamner shares six websites that can help patients and survivors substantially in the financial arena.

1. Cancer Rates 'Soar' in Flight Crew Compared with General Population

Recent research has shown that exposure to carcinogens and frequent disruptions in circadian rhythms may increase cancer prevalence in flight attendants. Learn more in this web exclusive.

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