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Advocacy Chats – Educational Conversations on Policy Issues & Cancer Research

What’s Legal About Cancer? Insurance, Employment, and Finances

When a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, questions often come up about insurance coverage, the future of employment, and how to pay for treatment. COA’s Director of Patient Advocacy & Education, Rose Gerber, MS, and Triage Cancer’s, Chief Operating Officer, Monica Fawzy Bryant, Esq, discussed legal and financial issues facing cancer patients on Wednesday, December 14 at 12:00 p.m. ET. Stream it on @OncologyCOA’s YouTube channel today.

ICYMI: How Cancer Rehabilitation Benefits Patients

Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other cancer treatments are essential tools when fighting cancer. Regaining strength, mobility, and mental ability after treatment is just as critical. COA’s Rose Gerber and ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation’s Director of Education, Alaina Newell, PT, DPT, held a meaningful discussion on the importance of cancer rehabilitation. Stream it on @OncologyCOA’s YouTube channel today.

Understanding Advocacy in a Community Oncology Setting – How to Support Your Local CPAN Chapter

CPAN chapters are crucial—they serve to channel the passion and gratitude for community-based cancer clinics into meaningful advocacy. By telling others about the importance of cancer care received in one’s own community, CPAN advocates help policymakers and others understand the impact of community oncology.

One of the most effective ways to help your fellow patients become advocates is to host an informational CPAN launch event at a clinic or community center. This event opens the door for interested individuals to ask questions about CPAN and for chapter leadership to present the myriad reasons why they should join. Advocates can get started by working with their local CPAN chapter clinic to help identify potential advocates to extend an invitation and get involved with CPAN.

Learn more about community oncology, the challenges that practices face, and how you can get involved by visiting CPAN’s Education & Resources library.

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