February 11, 2020

The vision of The DONNA Foundation is to transform the experience of living with breast cancer from one of fear and frustration, to one of love and support. This year has brought new fears to the forefront, but it has also created boundless opportunities to show love by stepping forward in support of our mission. As a community-based, patient advocacy organization we have both the opportunity and the obligation to leverage the trust we have with those we serve to bring voice to these fears so that our community can better provide the love and support needed to overcome them. How Do We Help Our Community Be More Fearless?

Saturday, February 13

Session 1: What Is Financial Toxicity And How The DONNA Foundation Is Resolving To Save Lives: Facilitated by Donna Deeganwith leaders from the Patient Advocate Foundation and case managers supporting the DONNA CareLine. Experts include:

Erin Bradshaw; Chief of Mission Delivery, Patient Advocate Foundation

Vonya Journiette; Case Manager, DONNA CareLine, Patient Advocate Foundation

Coren McGill; Survivor, DONNA CareLineRecipient

Session 2: Racing Fearless – How To Mentally Train For A Running Eventwith Olympian and America’s Coach Jeff Galloway. Joining Jeff:

Amanda Napolitano; Executive Director, The DONNA Foundation, Marathoner

Chris Twiggs; Chief Training Officer, Galloway Training Programs

Conference | <b>DONNA Foundation Marathon Weekend</b>