When people see breast cancer, they see the toxic physical side effects of treatment. What they often don’t see is a side effect that is just as challenging, known as financial toxicity. The eye-opening reality is that patients are having to make difficult financial choices when faced with the cost of treatment, like whether they can afford to pay for rent or radiation.

There are countless charities that fund research and address the medical side of breast cancer ­– few actually provide the financial relief thousands of families so greatly depend on. Copays, deductibles, inability to work, and transportation to and from treatment often leave patients having to choose between their life and life savings. Did you know 47% of breast cancer patients report a significant burden from their breast cancer related out-of-pockets costs?

That’s why we’re asking you to shift your focus to include the unseen and direct your Eyes Up Here to the financial side effects of breast cancer. Learn more about how to financially navigate breast cancer and how you can Give Help to patients and their families in need of financial assistance.

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