Financial Assistance Programs Offer Out-of-Pocket Cost Relief to Patients with Cancer


Patients faced with cancer are also faced with tough uphill financial battles, but there are assistance programs that can help.

Cancer and its treatments can take a physical and mental toll on a family. But when the financial burden may be too difficult to bear, patients can find assistance through programs like the Komen Treatment Assistance Fund.

CURE® recently spoke with Josh Hirsch, director of mission and communications, Susan G. Komen Florida, at the 37th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference® and CURE® Educated Patient Breast Cancer Summit about the financial strain that some patients face, and how the his organization helps ease the financial burdens of cancer by providing support for out-of-pocket expenses.


Financial resources are always a strain. Many times, women and men have to dip into their savings just to provide basic things, like keeping the lights on.

So, we’re proud of the Komen Treatment Assistance Fund, which, no matter where you are in the state or the country, you can call 1-877-GO-KOMEN. If you qualify, meaning if you’re at a certain percent below the federal poverty level, you can get a financial stipend.

What’s unique about this financial stipend — and it’s minimal, probably about $300 or so – is that it can go to things like oral chemotherapy, childcare, transportation, lymphedema care; things that aren’t covered through other programs, so we’re pretty proud of that.

It really allows that woman or man to feel that there is hope out there. They’re also able to get some psychosocial counseling, some financial counseling, and just know that there are other people out there to help them.

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