Get the facts on health care reform

In the summer issue of CURE, we offer some of the specific ways that the new health care reform law will affect cancer patients and their families. While those for and against the new Patient Protection and Affordable health Care Act may disagree whether it will be a positive or negative for the country, everyone agrees that the massive law will require application and interpretation to work out the details. One of the first things we, as a public, need to do is to understand how the law works and how it applies to us. One of the best ways to do this is to read reports from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit, private foundation that focuses on the health care issues in the United States. First, the Kaiser Family Foundation has no association with Kaiser Permanente or Kaiser Industries. The foundation develops and runs its own research and communications programs--sometimes in partnership with other nonprofit or research organizations. They research, assess, and report on what is happening in health care at every level, from national policy to basic information. Before you make a determination on the new health care law, get the facts.