Having Metastatic Breast Cancer Won't Stop Me


When people tell me I have metastatic cancer, I don't let their doom and gloom stop me — I'm going to bloom like a flower.

Image of a person holding a small yellow flower between their hands.

I'm Gonna Live Until I Die...

You say I'm metastatic, and that I'm gonna die.
But I prefer to be ecstatic... not make my loved ones cry.

So don't harsh my mellow, with all your doom and gloom. I'm gonna be a flower... and then I'm gonna bloom.

You say that you can’t fix me, and that I'll keep on breaking. But, hey! Look at me, I'm walking... I tell you I'm not faking.

See, it's all in our minds. We create our reality.
In your mind I have cancer. In mine... I’m a dancer.

Maybe you believe in heaven, or aliens above.
But no matter who your god is... it's all about the love.

Love is the glue that sticks us all together.
It's the fabric of the universe. It creates our inner weather.

And when we fill ourselves with love, and everyone around us,

Our ability to heal is unparalleled and boundless.

Silly, naive Kai! Poor, pitiful fool.
When she gonna learn she ain’t makin’ all the rules?

The hell you say!
First you say I’m gonna die, and then I don’t.

Now you say I’m gonna die again.
Hell, now... I just won’t!!

You say the cancer's back. I say it can’t be there. See, for the first time in my life, I have great hair! Again, I’m gonna lose it?
Unless maybe I don't choose it.

Just the thought of chemo fills me with despair!
Cancer... sick, psycho puppetmaster... you're not the boss of me!

I’m gonna live until I die.... Just you wait and see!!

This post was written and submitted by Kailuani Facciani. The article reflects the views of Facciani and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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