Hope and Positivity May Help Lead to Recovery


A retired registered nurse with tremendous compassion for patients writes a poem about how keeping hope alive throughout cancer treatment can help people recover.


There’s no stronger desire when diagnosis is given
Then that of hope for continued living.
It may be a rocky road to travel,
And sometimes hard to cope.
But always try to keep in mind,
There is no place like Hope.

This disease process, one can never accept lightly,
But Hope in our heart keeps a light burning brightly.
Hope is a gift, to receive and to give
This gift is what gives us the reason to live.

Hope costs nothing to give, yet it’s priceless to have,
So feed yours with positive thoughts.
This disease may become a thing of the past
Because of the battle you fought.

Hope is a whisper, a higher power put to our ear
To speak to our hearts and lessen our fear.
Hope will wake you in the morning
To hear a bluebird’s song,
And give the glowing promise of sunshine,
To warm you all day long.

Hopeless, desperate or despairing
We never want to be.
Hopeful feeling and positive expectations,
Will help lead to recovery!

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