How to Feel Positive About Life Again

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Having difficulty dreaming of the future after a breast cancer diagnosis is unfortunately very common. Kristen Carter shares some of the tools she uses when she needs to feel grounded and to cultivate hope.

Coping With Survivors Guilt


Survivor’s guilt is real and we all experience it in different ways. Paying homage to those we have lost to breast cancer can help make sense of the often-intense emotion of survivor’s guilt. Read more to get some ideas on how to honor your late friends in a special way.

What Are Clinical Trials?

Read (or listen) to Martin Naley from Citizen who is the program lead for clinical trials explaining what clinical trials are, the importance of them, requirements to participate, and so much more.

Spirituality and Breast Cancer

Spirituality can be a significant resource for patients to help them cope with fear and anxiety during the various stages of the cancer journey. Learn more about how to integrate spirituality into your treatment plan and how to strengthen your spirit.

No Matter Your Weight, Shape, or Size, You Matter

According to research by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, being dissatisfied with your body leads to poorer health behaviors like binge eating, lower levels of physical activity, and less fruit and vegetable intake.On the other hand, people with positive feelings about their bodies were more likely to engage in healthier behaviors. Learn some simple steps you can incorporate into your everyday routine.