How to keep on moving

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Over a conversation about Laura Beil's article "Welcomed Workout" on sticking with an exercise routinein CURE's spring issue, I got curious about what our staff likes to do for exercise and why. I received some great responses that sparked ideas to make exercise more fun and engaging. I hope sharing our stories with you will provide some motivation too. Tell us what types of exercises get you moving. You may inspire a fellow survivor or caregiver in the process!Kathy LaTour, CURE's editor-at-large: Last year, I finally built a lap pool in my backyard. Swimming has always been my favorite way to exercise, and, with lymphedema and nerve damage in the balls of my feet, it has become one of the few ways I can exercise. Now I am just waiting for it to warm up enough to begin my daily laps. Melissa Weber, CURE's managing editor: Music is my motivation. Knowing that I get to spend an hour with my workout playlist is all I need to get me to the gym. As for my exercise routine, I alternate between weight machines and an aerobic workout. But I do like to spice it up every now and then with some basketball and racquetball.Alexandra Hurd, CURE's PR and marketing specialist:Team sports used to rule my life in high school, and while I didn't participate in many during college, post-graduation a friend invited me to play on a volleyball team in a small family-oriented league ... next thing you know I'm playing volleyball at least two nights a week pretty much year round and have even found a more competitive league where I actually feel like I'm getting a full hour of cardio in with every game. Friends and coworkers keep saying to me "you must really love volleyball," but in reality, volleyball was never my favorite sport -- I just love team sports and have found a way to make them work as an "adult" exercise for me! Darlene Card, CURE's circulation and marketing specialist:Brandon and I love to take our dogs for a walk, as well as to the park to play fetch. It's fun to see them so happy, and it's good exercise for us. Sometimes I don't have time to go to the gym. I also like to do yoga, ballet, and Pilates DVDs at my house. Yoga is also very relaxing. Brandon and I have also started running lately to get ready for the cruise we are taking in June. We may even find a 5K to have another goal to reach! Bunmi Ishola, CURE's editorial assistant: Whenever I do work out, two things motivate me: One, having someone to work out with. I feel guilty if I slack and they are working hard. And the companionship makes exercising a whole lot more enjoyable. Two, finding something that's fun and/or relaxing, like the Wii. There are dancing games, sports games, actual fitness games ... but because they are games, you tend to have so much fun, you don't even think about it as a workout. Also, I sometimes take a hip-hop aerobics class, which was awesome because by the end of the class not only did I get a great workout, but I also learned a whole dance routine. Glenn Zamora, CURE's graphic designer:I like to go to the gym to lift weights because it actually motivates me to exercise, oddly enough. My main motivation is going to the gym. Being in the gym and doing nothing is like paying to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and not eating. I also like to box and hit the heavy bags to release stress. Losing weight and other health benefits are also motivating.Elizabeth Whittington, managing editor of I've really enjoyed my Wii Fit games. They're competitive, which I love, and I can work out at home. I've also found that if I don't have to go to a gym, I exercise on a more regular basis, and I get to spend time with my family in the process. Unfortunately, that also means the entire family watches me workout in the middle of the living room--yikes! Lena Huang, CURE's fitness and nutrition editor: Gosh, after hearing other staffers' choices for exercise, I feel quite boring. Every day I do some cardiovascular work. Sometimes I take a spin class or work out on an elliptical trainer. On nice days, I like to get outside and walk or run. But I like to work out in the morning, when I can read the paper or listen to news. Morning exercise gets my heart pumping, waking me up for the day ahead. But my favorite exercise is yoga. There are many different forms of yoga, and I enjoy most of them. I like the deep stretch, balancing, and meditative nature of yoga. It truly helps my body and mind.