Jacob's story

Here at CURE, I am generally the first person to receive and read the letters we get from our readers. It's always nice to hear individual stories that come from different parts, and different perspectives, of the cancer journey. Early this week, a letter came in from Terry in Louisiana, sharing with us a story written by her 10-year-old grandson, Jacob. Jacob wrote the story "Destroyer" as part of an "autobiography" his school class had to write last year. His mother was diagnosed with stage 2 HER-2 positive breast cancer in May 2008. She was only 28 years old. While the doctors found no genetic link with her breast cancer, Tracey opted to have a double mastectomy. Jacob's story is set in the hospital on the day of his mother's surgery. When Tracey sent the story to her mother, Terry said she only had one thought: "It'd be great for other kids to read, to give hope, cause it's written in his words." Whether it's another child, a parent, a grandparent, or even a doctor, she said she hopes that Jacob's story can inspire somebody else.