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Kokolulu Cancer Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii

CURESummer 2008
Volume 7
Issue 2

Hawaiian retreat offers relaxation.

Kokolulu Cancer Retreat Center (www.cancer-retreats.org; 808-889-9893) on the Big Island of Hawaii offers holistic alternative therapies and ancient Chinese healing energy techniques in a remote, peaceful environment. The center offers group and individual retreats for cancer survivors who have finished treatment.

The staff works with each participant to design programs tailored to their unique needs. Co-founded by Karin Whitney Cooke, RN, and Lulu (Lew) Whitney, MEd, Kokolulu, the program uses an integrated form of health care that addresses mind, body, spirit, nature, and community through guided imagery, meditation, psychological counseling, spiritual development, and exercise.

In addition to sessions and activities held on location, ranging from ancient Chinese practices like qigong, massage, Reiki, and acupuncture to simple relaxation treatments with pedicures, salt scrubs, and ocean bathing, the retreat includes travel to other sacred healing sites on the island.

The staff is a blend of qualified professionals trained in holistic therapies and the field of integrative healing. With a combined expertise in complementary and alternative medicine, psychology, and nutrition, the Kokolulu staff provides participants with professional, take-home information they can use to continue the healing process long after leaving the retreat.

The cost of a one-week retreat for either a group or individual setting is $2950, and participants are encouraged to bring a guest to join them for an additional $650. The cost of the retreat includes accommodations, meals, and travel on the island. There is also an option for extending the retreat stay.

Upcoming Group Retreat Dates:

July 21-25

September 29-October 3

December 1-5