Laboratory Study Shows Keto Diet May Enhance Chemotherapy


Keto is having a moment.

The keto diet is a fatty food lover’s dream, with celebrity endorsements and copious amounts of social media chatter extolling its virtues as everything from a weight loss miracle to a recipe for living longer.

One theme in cancer biological research is also having a moment. Scientists are trying to uncover the underpinnings of how metabolic regulation is intrinsically linked to cancer progression. After all, the viability of cancer cells—actually, all cells—is regulated by the supply of various nutrients. Take away those nutrients and a cancer cell would presumably die.

In a preclinical study published in the journal Med, researchers examined the effect on pancreatic tumor progression when a specially formulated keto diet was combined with a triple-cocktail chemotherapeutic regimen. Now, the results of that study are being translated into clinical research.

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