Laughter Is Sometimes The Best Medicine


For one cancer survivor, laughter might have been the best medicine.

I was never told the actual stage of my cancer. I didn't stick around long enough to find out. However, please follow your doctor's full treatment plan. Use this only as a second approach to dealing with your cancer. This is for those who refuse to accept defeat. It might work, it might not. I designed it, used it and now I'm healthy as a horse! Read, decide if this approach resonates with you.

My mini cancer testimonial:

On December 3rd, 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer. A tumor in my colon with cancer spreading to my kidneys. I was told my tumor could break at any time. Even with chemo, this type of cancer returns every two years. They scheduled more tests, but I declined. I decided to fight this disease myself. As a hack energy scientist and natural healer, I had a good idea of what needed to be done.

Growing up I heard a story of a man who healed himself from a serious illness by watching hours of comedy in his hospital room. This story stuck with me. The whole idea of laughter as a potential medicine intrigued me. I shared this man's self-healing story many times in life.

In 2017 long before my cancer diagnosis, I was testing laughter as a manifestation tool. I love to experiment. I'm a scientist at heart, I spend a lot of time creating and developing effective manifestation tools. Using the power of sincere laughter to reach and secure physical goals proved successful.

Because the tool proved effective, I upped the ante. I'd long suffered from a serious addiction. I don't want to discuss it but trust me it was serious. On my hands and knees with my forehead touching the floor [The prayer position], I used prolonged bouts of deep sincere laughter [10 minutes at a time] laughing directly at everything to do with my addiction, its desires and my deep desire to heal it. I got on my hands and knees for 10 minutes, five times a day, six days a week. It took 23 days of sincere laughter to break this decades-old chemical addiction. 23 Days of deep belly laughter while in the prayer position.

In 2018 when I was diagnosed with cancer, I was really sick. I had ignored symptoms for months. Now I had severe pain in my gut, I was passing blood, and experiencing rapid weight loss. Extreme sweating would hit me nights, while waves of sickness hit me all day long. The cancer was spreading.

Because I refused treatment the medical community gave me only 6 to 8 months to live. I believed I could do better. I'd spent the last 16 years studying the human energy body. Me healing my own cancer was like asking a mechanic to fix his own engine. I felt I knew what I needed to know.

It would be my self-developed laughing system on which I'd pin my hopes for survival. In truth, I saw my cancer as a challenge. A challenge I could possibly beat. I believed cancer could be beaten but could I beat my cancer? One large glass of freshly juiced carrots daily, a healthy diet free of most unnatural sugars and deep honest belly laughter was my plan.

To be successful I knew I'd have to protect my attitude. I permanently shut off the television. I removed myself from anything and everyone negative and while on my hands and knees, I sincerely laughed at everything about my cancer for 10 minutes, 5 times daily, 6 days weekly. I laughed at me having cancer and my deep desire to heal it. I had experience with this Prayer Position laughing system. You're going to need faith to try it.

Following this program wasn't always easy. I often had to push to get laughing sessions done. I cried at times not being sure this would work. It worked for addiction, but this was cancer. I prayed to Jesus while mentally preparing to say goodbye to my kids. Psychologically I was in the fight for my life.

I did this for 37 days before burning out. My goal was 40 days, but I just couldn't go any longer. In truth, I was feeling better by the 10th day. By day 37 I felt healthy. The sickness had gone. The pain in my gut completely disappeared. I had stopped passing blood and regained the weight I had lost. This without any medical treatment. A range of tests were done 3 months after my diagnosis in March 2019, and again in June 2019. They came back normal. My general practitioner said my kidneys were functioning fine. What?

It's now been 24 months since diagnosis, and I've passed two medical exams. My general practitioner, I don't have a cancer doctor, says there's no sign of cancer but he can't be sure. Because I've refused treatment, he won't do decisive testing leaving it to me to pay for a private scan to discover if the tumor's gone. I was originally told my tumor could break at any time. It's been 2 years. I don't need the radiation to prove it. Except for an old blood pressure issue, my doctor considers me healthy. I'm healthy as a horse!

For those unable to kneel, you can still use the prayer position. Place your right hand over your left knee and place your left-hand dead center against your forehead. [Not as powerful, but it does the job.]

The way I understand it, laughter raises core vibration sparking the body's natural healing ability. The happy vibration is a healing vibration. With a higher core vibration, the body is better able to fight the invading disease. Just my opinion. This prayer position laughter system is not yet proven in the lab.

Don't be stupid! Please follow your doctor's full treatment plan. Use laughter as only a second approach. You may know within 3 weeks if this system will work for you. 5 bouts of laughter daily won't interfere with cancer treatments or medications, but first, ask your doctor for a professional's opinion.

"Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.”- Mark Twain.

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