Louis Vuitton Designer Virgil Abloh Died of a Rare Cancer


Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White and Louis Vuitton’s first Black creative director, died of cardiac angiosarcoma this Sunday.

Virgil Abloh cancer

Virgil Abloh. Photo by Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images.

Louis Vuitton menswear designer and founder/CEO of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, died this Sunday after a private battle with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, according to a post on his Instagram.

"We are devastated to announce the passing of our beloved Virgil Abloh, a fiercely devoted father, husband, son, brother, and friend. He is survived by his loving wife Shannon Abloh, his children Lowe Abloh and Grey Abloh, his sister Edwina Abloh, his parents Nee and Eunice Abloh, and numerous dear friends and colleagues," the post read.

Abloh, who was 41 at the time of his death, was a fashion designer before becoming Louis Vuitton’s first Black artistic director and founding Off-White, a streetwear label that launched into the world of footwear with its Off-White x Nike designs.

Last night, Nike tweeted about the news of Abloh’s death, stating that, “He was a creative force who shared a passion for challenging the status quo, pushing forward a new vision while inspiring multiple generations along the way.”

Hailey Bieber wrote on social media that Abloh was a “once in a generation creative mind,” with a picture of herself and Abloh, who custom-designed her 2019 lace wedding dress.

Fashion was not Abloh’s only talent. He was a successful DJ who played worldwide and collaborated with Ye – formerly known as Kanye West – as creative director for the album Donda. Abloh also collaborated with Mercedes Benz on an art concept car, as well as IKEA, where he created a collection for individuals moving into their first home.

"For over two years, Virgil valiantly battled a rare, aggressive form of cancer, cardiac angiosarcoma. He chose to endure his battle privately since his diagnosis in 2019, undergoing numerous challenging treatments, all while helming several significant institutions that span fashion, art, and culture,” the Instagram post read.

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