Lung Cancer Heroes Awards 2021


Watch the entire Lung Cancer Heroes® presentation here!

Watch the entire Lung Cancer Heroes® presentation here! CURE® is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Lung Cancer Heroes® Award.

During the 2021 Lung Cancer Heroes® virtual celebration, participants were given the opportunity to pay tribute and honor someone special in their life who has been impacted by lung cancer and below are a few that shared their heartfelt messages.

  • In memory of my very good friend, Vernon K., whom I've known for over 50 years, who passed earlier this year after a short, but valiant battle against small cell lung cancer. – Edward C.
  • In memory of my aunt. Miss you! I'm imagining and working towards a world where we can have better outcomes. – Andy R.
  • It strange for me but I'm here for myself. I was diagnosed with stage4 NSCLC October of 2015. I am grateful for my family and all the medical professionals. A big thank you to all the researchers that have kept me alive. – Sharon L.
  • Honoring each and every one of our Lung Cancer Sisters and Brothers who have sadly lost their battle and sending lots of love and support to those still on their Lung Cancer Journey!- Lisa H.
  • In memory of all those who have contributed to the clinical trials that have given way to today's treatment breakthroughs. Thank you! – Susan S.
  • Recognizing the contribution Bill C. made in KC as the first White Ribbon Project, sadly he passed on Monday. – Michelle H.
  • In memory of a dear woman-Dvora F. who recently passed away from lung cancer. Dvora fought valiantly for years. She was my hero. – Barbara R.
  • My best friend and husband Dave Y. You are my strength and I love you. – Mariann C.
  • Celebrating all the organizations, medical professionals, researchers and educators who have made and continue to work hard to improve the quality of life for those impacted by lung cancer! My husband Jeff M. and our family is still making memories and starting year 7! So grateful! - Rhonda M.
  • For sweet, sweet Annabelle. Your legacy lives on. – Rebekah T.
  • For my good friend, Rosemary G., who succumbed to lung cancer in September after a two year fight. Miss her beautiful smile and generous ways. – Marion M.
  • Walter L. We miss you! – Valarie L.
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