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Lung Cancer Research Foundation Resources for Patients and Caregivers


A key part to living with lung cancer is learning the facts and staying informed. We can help.

For Patients & Caregivers

After finding out you (or a loved one) have lung cancer, you may wonder what this diagnosis means for your future and your health. The first thing to know is there is reason for hope. Much progress is being made for people diagnosed with lung cancer every day. A key part to living with lung cancer is learning the facts and staying informed. We can help.

Quick Links for Patients and Caregivers

Living with a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer.

Living with a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer.

Read selections from this comprehensive guide for patients and caregivers. Learn the answers to common questions about lung cancer and how it’s treated.

Find answers

Patient & Caregiver Educational Materials

We provide up-to-date and credible sources of information on diagnosis, treatment, and what to expect from treatment through our free educational materials. We also have tools to help you facilitate discussions with your healthcare team so you can play an active role in treatment decisions.

Our materials are available in both digital download and print format. Get free materials

Lung Cancer Support Line

Our toll-free number is a resource available to anyone affected by lung cancer. Call us if you need someone to talk to for support—we are available Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm ET/ 8am-4pm CT. Our support line is equipped with extensive and up-to-date resource guides to help you navigate the various uncertainties that come with living with lung cancer. We can help you find financial assistance, transportation or lodging to/from your medical appointments, support groups or peers, and much more. You can phone us toll-free at (844) 835-4325 or email support@LCRF.org.

Lung cancer patients and their caregivers may call or email as often as they wish, and the service is offered free of charge. Please note that by accessing the support line, you agree to the service’s terms and conditions.

#TogetherSeparately Livestreams

LCRF hosts webinars to bring the lung cancer community together to discuss topics important to them. Find out more and register for an upcoming livestream. The community also has a lively and engaged Facebook group.

October’s Together Separately is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20 | 12 -1 PM ET. Register at LCRF.org/together



Presented by Dr. Patrick Forde, Director, Thoracic Oncology Clinical Research Program, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. Forde will provide an overview of oncology clinical trials, with a discussion about why clinical trials are important to the cancer landscape, understanding clinical trials as a treatment option, questions to ask your healthcare team, information on current clinical trial options for lung cancer, and more.


LCRF Free to Breathe Walk – Register at LCRF.org/Walk

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Time: 11 AM - 12 PM EDT

Place: Wherever you are – we'll email you a Zoom link!

Contact Us: events@LCRF.org

Join us and...

Honor a loved one

Connect with the lung cancer community

Create hope + support for improved lung cancer outcomes

The Free to Breathe Walk brings people (like YOU!) together to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research. Join our nationwide livestream rally, then walk in your own community. Teams honor and support those who have been diagnosed with lung cancer, while celebrating hope for improving future lung cancer outcomes.

See all LCRF Events at LCRF.org/Events