Med students know as much about the health care law as you do (and maybe even less)

In a recent study, it seems that medical students aren't that savvy about the health care law either. I certainly don't know enough about it, but I would hope that my doctor would know more about it than me. In a Reuters article, it was stated:In a survey of about 850 medical students in Minnesota, less than half said they understood the healthcare law's basic components, and more than 40% said they had no opinion on the law."We think a lot of that has to do with a lack of understanding with the bill itself and the lack of education in medical schools of healthcare systems and the bigger picture of healthcare," said lead author Dr. Tyler Winkelman, a resident at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.Hopefully, if the law remains, we'll all gain a better understanding of the law--patients and physicians. But until then, it may be up to the patient to ask more questions of their physician and insurance company.You can read more here.