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In a powerful and heartfelt video interview featured on the renowned Public Television docuseries, "Medical Stories," Kenny Capps, the Founder of Throwing Bones, opens up about his life-changing journey with Multiple Myeloma. The interview delves into the emotional and inspiring narrative of a man who, despite being considered the healthiest person in the room by his friends, discovered he had Multiple Myeloma in 2015.

Kenny's story begins with the shocking revelation of his diagnosis. As a long-distance runner and someone who was perceived as the picture of health, his friends were taken aback by the news. The interview explores the initial shock, challenges, and the emotional rollercoaster that Kenny and his loved ones went through upon being given the diagnosis.

Throughout the interview, Kenny shares how he found the strength and determination to face the challenges brought by Multiple Myeloma head-on. His journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of hope in the face of adversity.

Dr. Sagar Lonial, a renowned expert from Emory University School of Medicine offers valuable insights and medical expertise, shedding light on the complexities of Multiple Myeloma and the latest advancements in its treatment.

"Medical Stories" is a highly acclaimed docuseries that has garnered four Emmy Awards and eight Emmy nominations. It stands out for its cinematic style and down-to-earth content, offering viewers a unique and emotional perspective on medical journeys rarely covered in mainstream media. The series is driven by compassion and sensitivity, as it immerses itself in the lives of individuals and families facing health challenges.

The mission of "Medical Stories" is to educate, raise awareness, and increase knowledge about various medical issues. Kenny Capps's interview provides viewers with a real-life account of living with Multiple Myeloma, while also fostering understanding and empathy for those battling similar medical conditions. His story, alongside the expertise of Dr. Lonial, promises to offer a compelling and enlightening viewing experience.

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