MJH Associates Is Proud to Bring CURE Magazine to Canadian Readers


With a mission of informing and inspiring the many people affected by cancer, we at CURE® magazine enjoy the proud task of reporting advances in the understanding and treatment of this deeply complex group of diseases.

WITH A MISSION OF informing and inspiring the many people affected by cancer, we at CURE® magazine enjoy the proud task of reporting advances in the understanding and treatment of this deeply complex group of diseases.

Since 2002, CURE® has provided members of the cancer community with news about cutting-edge treatments, psychosocial concerns, side-effect management, advocacy efforts, patient perspectives and more, often providing insights that can’t be found anywhere else. With nearly one million readers, CURE® is the largest consumer publication in the United States focused entirely on cancer, with broad distribution to patients with cancer, cancer centres and advocacy groups.

Now, in our first Canadian edition, we are pleased to have the opportunity to share these materials with a new audience of patients, survivors and the loved ones who help care for them.

In bringing you reports on a wide variety of issues relevant to the cancer experience, our aim is to leave you better equipped to ask crucial medical questions and make sound decisions about your care — while also feeling more connected to others walking the same path. While we report on complicated topics — in this issue, for example, the immunotherapy technique known as CAR-T cell therapy — you don’t need to be a laboratory scientist to delve into our articles. Reading CURE® is like having a conversation with a knowledgeable friend.

Our passion for, and painstaking attention to, our mission has resulted in CURE® winning numerous awards over the years, both for its editorial content and for its eye-catching design. In addition, we often hear from readers who have been touched by our efforts.

“I wish to thank your magazine for the wonderful, supportive articles on surviving cancer,” wrote reader Felix Delgado, of Glendale, Ariz. “At the beginning of my cancer treatments, I felt totally alone. Lucky for me, I just happened to stumble onto an old CURE® magazine copy at my oncologist’s office. I subscribed immediately and realized that I was not alone. I have since passed it on to others with cancer diagnoses. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

CURE® magazine is the flagship product of the CURE Media Group, whose offerings also include the website curetoday.com; live meetings; a resource guide for the newly diagnosed; the Extraordinary Healer® Award for Oncology Nursing; CURE Connections® panel discussions filmed in our TV studio; and an adventure program that allows cancer survivors, physicians, family caregivers and friends to participate in life-affirming outdoor treks that raise funds for research, which have occurred at sites including Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu and, as reported in this issue, the Fire and Ice Trek in Iceland.

CURE Media Group, in turn, is part of MJH Associates, Inc., a company with comprehensive expertise in creating digital and print medical magazines, many of them specific to oncology, for a variety of audiences, including doctors, pharmacists and oncology nurses.

MJH also offers live events and conferences, educational programs and custom market research for companies in the medical arena.

As the head of this company that is involved in so many facets of the oncology world, I have wide-ranging experience in supporting the evolution of cancer research and care. But I also have a personal stake in this goal. In 2011, my wife, Patti, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In the years since, she has devoted incredible strength to undergoing treatment for that initial cancer, recurrences and then breast cancer. Along the way, she’s become an extremely informed patient who helps to direct her own care.

At the same time, scientists have worked steadfastly to identify new and better treatment techniques, and today, Patti and patients with similar cancer histories are benefiting from those strategies. As a result, Patti and I look forward to more time with family and to the continued emergence of advances that will keep her illness in the background of our lives.

I look forward, as well, to the continued opportunity to help inform others affected by cancer so that they, too, can be active partners in their own care.

Our goal in this first Canadian issue of CURE® is to introduce you to the kind of support we provide and, as always, offer insights to ease some of the challenges you may encounter during the cancer journey. I hope you’ll look for us again as we bring more news to Canada in the coming months.

Thank you very much for reading.