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I knew that I was only one of Myra Escudero's, M.S.N., RN, many patients, but she made me feel as though I had her full attention and care.

 Myra Escudero, M.S.N., RN, an oncology nurse with blonde hair, wearing a bright blue shirt, smiling at the camera | Photos by Agne Sopyte

"Working in the medical field, I have seen many nurses in action, but Myra was outstanding," wrote Dr. Thomas J. Re.

Myra Escudero, M.S.N., RN

Photos by Agne Sopyte

There is never a “good” time for a diagnosis of cancer. I received my diagnosis just months after the tragic sudden death of a sibling who, at the time, was working full time to care for our elderly parents. The loss left me emotionally devastated and suddenly in the position as primary caregiver for them.

I had only recently returned to the New York area after many years overseas, specifically to assist in my parents’ care. I was readjusting to life back in the U.S. and a new and challenging job in medical research. It was not an easy time for me.

In October 2019, I showed up for my first outpatient session of intravenous chemotherapy at the Ruttenberg Treatment Center of Mount Sinai. I was a little anxious about the therapy but really didn’t have time to think about it. I was totally absorbed in thoughts about my parents’ care and my job. I remember taking my laptop computer, thinking I needed to use the time in therapy to get some work done, and checking my cell phone connectivity to keep in touch with the “senior sitter” I hired for my time away from my parents.

I still remember when nurse Myra Escudero, M.S.N., RN, entered the room, smiled and introduced herself as my oncology nurse for the day. I knew that I was only one of her many patients, but she made me feel as though I had her full attention and care. Thanks to her kind demeanor and calming voice, I was suddenly able to turn off my computer, my phone and, most importantly, all of the stressful thoughts that were spinning around in my head and was able to focus on the moment.

She took the time to learn about me, my background and concerns. She patiently explained the procedure for the day. Working in the medical field, I have seen many nurses in action, but Myra was outstanding. One moment, she was very professionally following a meticulous medications preparation protocol, the next moment she was focused on putting me at ease.

She wasn’t this way just at my first visit. Every time I came for therapy, even when other oncology nurses were assigned to me, she would check in with me and make sure that I was doing OK. Myra was my guardian angel.

During the following weekly chemotherapy sessions, I had the opportunity to meet other oncology nurses at Mount Sinai and must admit that they were all very professional and friendly. However, Myra was the one who helped me get through my most difficult session: my first. She also continued to show great professionalism, patience and caring whenever she has cared for me in future sessions.

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