My Charge Nurse, Teacher, Mentor, Co-Worker and Friend

Extraordinary Healer®Extraordinary Healers Vol. 11
Volume 10
Issue 1

An Extraordinary Healer essay honoring LIDICE CEA, LVN [CANCER CENTER AND BREAST CENTER OU

Lidice Cea, LVN, and
Geovanny Gomez, CNA

Lidice Cea, LVN, and Geovanny Gomez, CNA - PHOTOS BY ED CARREON

Lidice Cea, LVN, and Geovanny Gomez, CNA - PHOTOS BY ED CARREON

It is impossible to summarize in a few words what kind of nurse Lidice Cea is to the cancer center outpatient unit. Lidice has devoted many years to caring for a unique and complex group of patients. She is a born leader and has made countless contributions to make the cancer center what it is today. She is an instrument in the facilitation of family-centered care, and embraces challenges and change with innovative strategies.

Lidice’s most notable quality is her leadership ability. Within a few months of starting at the cancer center, Lidice quickly took on the roles of charge nurse, teacher, mentor, coworker and friend. In these roles, Lidice continually shows staff what it means to feel supported.

Whether it is staying late to help nurses finish their work, talking you through your first rooming/ medication access or managing high patient flow and bed shortages, Lidice is the person you want at your side when times become challenging. More recently, Lidice has taken her leadership skills to another level since she stepped up after the departure of another great nurse, Brigitte.

Lidice has been invaluable in this role and works tirelessly to enable her staff to succeed. She does whatever it takes to best support the nurses/staff. When I experienced a personal problem, I was blown away by the support Lidice offered. Not only did she go above and beyond what was expected to help make accommodations for me, but she regularly phoned and met with me to see how I was doing and to ask what she could do to help.

Lidice’s commitment to the cancer center is further recognized through the countless hospital committees she participates in, as well as the many staff meetings and “lowdowns.” As part of this role, Lidice worked to develop several very useful educational tools for both patients and staff. These tools are used regularly in the unit and give people a means to get involved in their own care. Lidice understands the value of patient care and makes it a priority. She is the backbone of the cancer center. Her leadership, knowledge, innovation and approaches to patient and staff interactions have shaped and impacted numerous nurses, patients, families and the unit as a whole. I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to learn from Lidice and look to her as a role model for what I want to be in the future. I cannot think of another person who is more deserving of this award, because, simply, Lidice is an extraordinary nurse.