NCAN’s NETsTalk Blog Updates July-October 2023


July 2023

“6 Tips To Help Manage Your Long-Distance NETs Journey”

Neuroendocrine Cancer is still considered a rare cancer and therefore lags behind other cancers in diagnostic tools and specialized treatments. It is not at all uncommon for a neuroendocrine cancer patient to consult with a neuroendocrine cancer specialist in addition to their local medical oncologist. Our WHO staging and our treatments are unique to our tumor burden. Traveling long distances is often necessary for us to receive the best care. We strive for a balance in managing our local and long-distance medical appointments.

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August 2023

“Emergency Room Tips”

Indecision and hesitation are two of the biggest obstacles a cancer patient can create in their medical care. Especially when a patient is still trying to grasp the presence of a cancer diagnosis in their life, it is very easy to go down a rabbit hole of thinking every ailment is a manifestation of their disease. Conversely, a patient who is overburdened with multiple doctors’ appointments and frequent obstacles in leading a normal life may tend to brush off seemingly innocent signs of bigger medical problems to come. It becomes important to develop a personalized check list of where, when, and why to seek emergency medical treatments.

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October 2023

“Words Matter”

Quite frequently, a newly diagnosed cancer patient leaves his oncology appointment scratching his head and wondering if he correctly understood everything discussed. All too often, an established cancer patient does the same thing. Medical practices, especially in the US, run on tight scheduling blocks. To convey our questions and understand our physicians’ responses, we must learn to listen with intent and request clarification at every appointment. To work as a team with our medical professionals requires that we develop communication skills with our providers.

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