Ode to Bras: A Poem


A poem reflecting on one survivor's feelings on bras.

first one was a grow it bra

stretchy pads covered two tiny bumps

not much grew in it

stuffed it with tissues

to look bigger visible straps

under white blouses

for all to see!

i love you bra

you are a part of me

even when I sleep.

decades brought many different colors

ivory, cream, midnight, even purple

until a tiny pebble was felt

nestled in one breast.

pebble became part of an unfriendly family of three

farewell breasts

toxins administered

to attack any lurking cells

perky fake boobs to follow

no need for bras.

daughter lovingly inherited them

except one

cinnamon color, lace stitching

sometimes open my drawer to touch it

I’ve loved you bra

but i love life more

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