Overcoming Fear After Three Times With Cancer


When I had cancer for the third time, I spent afternoons resting in my room, watching and listening to the sounds of nature.

Image of a woman wearing a mint-colored bathrobe, staring out the window.

The Guide

Fatigue called my name

Treatments had flushed me of all energy

I lay in bed

Facing four windows

Seeing a chimney, tree tops

It was raining

Sounds of drops gurgling

Teasing the rain gutters

Dancing on leaves

Splashing in puddles

Cables attached to our home

Stretched inches from my window

A bird’s silhouette

Finding recluse from the wet

There it sat

Sometimes one leg attached

Sometimes both

I would doze in and out of slumber

Awakening it would still be there

My wondrous feathered spirit guide

Looking after me

Reassuring all would be OK

And it was

For that moment of solace and comfort


This post was written and submitted by Denise Sirchie. The article reflects the views of Sirchie and not of CURE®. This is also not supposed to be intended as medical advice.

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