Patient Travel Tips for Appointments and the Holidays


In your carry-on, don’t forget to pack —

* A copy of a condensed version of your medical records and your medication list

* Phone numbers of your medical care team/primary doctor, and pharmacy

* ID cards for implanted port or pump

* Optional: a copy of your advanced directive on your decision pertaining to desired medical

* Treatment/ care instructions if you are unable to express your wishes due to illness or injury

Organize and pack in your carry-ons -

* All necessary medical supplies

* Applicable documentation confirming your need for syringes, needles, or other supplies for medical purposes (for security checks)

* Always check with your care team for any special precautions to take while traveling

* You can get an exception for extra carry-on items needed for your medical condition

When you make your reservations or when you check your luggage request a “Pre-Board” so that you will be allowed more time to board the plane, stow your luggage overhead, and settle into your seat to accommodate fatigue, difficulty walking, etc.

TSA guidance on disabilities and medical conditions is helpful for TSA pre-check, passenger support, and travel tips. Go to: