Resources: Guys with Gumption

CURESpring 2007
Volume 6
Issue 2

A resource listing of men’s groups dedicated to helping other men cope with their spouse’s cancer while contributing to cancer research.

Perhaps inspired by the activism of cancer survivors, cancer husbands are setting a strong example for organizing men’s groups to help other guys cope and to help the cause of cancer research. Here are three such organizations:

Men Against Breast Cancer

Men Against Breast Cancer teaches men to be better caregivers, empathetic listeners and all-around first-rate support people. Grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and drug companies enable them to reach out to a broad audience with their educational workshops.

Men with Heart

Men with feet is more like it. The Boston-based group seeks to raise “awareness, funds and smiles” by motivating men to take part in walkathons. With 125 members, Men with Heart field teams have raised $600,000 since 2002.

Partners in Breast Cancer Survival

Comprised of breast cancer husbands, the Indiana-based group holds monthly meetings and fishing tournaments.