Strong Together: ALK Summit 2021


Read about the results of the ALK Summit 2021 event that took place from July 30 - Aug. 1.

Stronger Together: ALK Summit 2021

July 30-Aug. 1, 2021


ALK-positive Cancer Patients: 635

Care Partners: 168

Health Care Professionals: 27


Industry Partners: 6

Total Attendees: 851

About Stronger Together 2021: The ALK Positive annual summit was once again a huge success! This year the event was held on a virtual platform. We had 851 individual registrations.

Our platform opened July 27, 2021 so that participants could familiarize themselves with the platform, create their profiles, and connect with others. Although this event was not in person as we had hoped, it was a great opportunity to meet and socialize with others through the impromptu roundtables, breakout rooms, and private connections with others on the platform. The first 600 who registered received free swag bags that included a bag, T-shirt, notepad, bracelet, and a pencil with treats. Once again, ALK Positive, Inc. has created an event where, although the participants were apart, they felt together. Not only are they empowered by knowledge of this disease, but also they are supporting one another. The event had about 40% of participants residing outside the USA. This event is one that the entire community of ALK Positive patients and care partners looks forward to. To them, the summit is truly empowering. Not only does the summit empower patients but also doctors, researchers, and industry leaders. By coming together at the summit, these ALK Key Opinion Leaders were able to highlight what is going on in ALK-positive research, what the future looks like for the disease, and the latest in treatment and bedside care. The event was attended by 6 industry partners who were speakers or exhibitors. There were no known government officials who registered for the event.

All videos can be viewed free of charge on YouTube at:

Quotes from participants

“Loved the doctors and the break out sessions”

“Everything was so good, from the ALK team to the expert lectures and Q&A. Breakout rooms asking the docs were great!”

“I loved all of the great information and set up of the event”

“It was all great. Speakers were wonderful and being able to round table and meet people was fun.”