The Cell Line Project


If you are having surgery, consider impacting LMS research in a big way – by donating your tumor tissue
with the stroke of a pen – signing your consent for your tumor tissue to be sent to the Broad Institute of MIT/Harvard for research – global research as well as for analysis of repurposed drugs through screening.This has been offered to patients since the National LMS Foundation (NLMSF) joined forces with the Rare Cancer Research Foundation (RCRF) in 2017.We have been funding tumor tissue growth evolution to what is called “cell lines” to extract data, and screen the genomic profiling of the cell lines for repurposing drugs in order to find new options for LMS Treatment.We are also involved in PRISM which further evaluates the tumor tissue in a big way.Featured article in CURE Magazine about the collaboration of the RCRF and NLMSF:

At the Rare Cancer Research Foundation, the mission is to develop a fiercely patient-centric ecosystem to improve rare cancer research, for the benefit of all cancer/ sarcoma types.

The Foundation’sconnection with the Rare Cancer Research Foundation and Broad Institute is an opportunity to advance Leiomyosarcoma research through

What is PRISM?

The PRISM Lab Multiplexed cancer cell line screening PRISM rapidly screens a wide range of drugs across more than 900 human cancer cell line models using a high-throughput, multiplexed approach.- a sensitive viability screening across an extensive, diverse cell line collection.

The NLMSF webpage about the Cell Line Project and Count Me In: