The Giving of Thanks and Blessings Great and Small


This Thanksgiving, I wish you all moments filled wth friendship, togetherness, peace and HOPE and the gift of many blessings, great and small.

I love this time of year! Falling leaves, crisp morning air, holiday activities and the giving of thanks for blessings great and small. A time of reflection surrounds me even as looking forward is in full swing. Gratitude this year is rich.

My doctors have continued to extend my life journey. They haven't thrown in the towel and have utilized additional treatments and procedures when needed and even made it possible for a nice, long chemo break. I have a phenomenal team. I talk teamwork a lot when sharing my story with other cancer survivors. In recent months, I've learned that the same teamwork that allows me to live fully in spite of terminal cancer is also needed in every discipline of medicine. I've seen it at work in full force with not only my dad's stroke but Ronnie's infection, mom's cancer, etc.

Through these trials, there have been triumphs because of many types of teamwork. I've celebrated beautiful birthdays with all three girls. I proudly watched Katie grow her bounce house business and become a successful entrepeneur. I witnessed Karlie's college graduation and the beginnig of her trek into true adulthood as an electrical engineer. Chloe, who provides drama and delight for every minute of every day, turned six (and will soon turn seven). She started the first grade. Ronnie and I shared another anniversary and have juggled the emotional and physical aspects of this disease, of unexpected injuries and illnesses, and unanticipated life events with courage and grace that I could have never imagined. Together, we still begin and end each day finishing the other's sentences; hand in hand.

We have experienced the muchness of life....good and bad, highs and lows, happy and sad, frightful, restful, jarring, soothing. For all that has been so harshly broken, the jagged pieces have fallen nicely into place. There is much to be grateful for:

A husband who is a keeper

Amazing daughters with the entire world at their grasp

Friends not too inhibited to make faces at those who need a laugh

Family and friends who may or may not understand me and love me anyway

Snuggly pups and cuddly cats

Refrigerator magnets

Hoping and dreaming

Candles burning bright

Prayers from near and far

Celebrations and milestones

The right words when needed

Silence when words don't come

Walking hand in hand

Starry nights and sunny days

The innocent wisdom of a child

Loved ones and friends who are no longer here

For those who surround me and those that I will someday meet

Procedures, treatments, options,and chemo, too.....

The next breath


I am thankful for all the days behind me

AND for all the days ahead.

I am thankful for all of you. This Thanksgiving, I wish you all moments filled wth friendship, togetherness, peace and HOPE. May you experience unbridled joy and find yourself surrounded by the gift of many blessings, great and small.

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