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Twin Sisters Facing Breast Cancer Together


Many twins share similar experiences throughout their lives and growing up together. These twins have a very special story as each other’s best friends and support systems during their breast cancer journey.

Many twins share similar experiences throughout their lives and growing up together. These twins have a very special story as each other’s best friends and support systems.

Meet Jane Platt and Joyce Tucker, twin sisters that were both diagnosed with breast cancer. Jane was first diagnosed 15 years ago at age 47, and Joyce was diagnosed just 5 years ago. Best friends since a young age, these two sisters have always been there for each other, and even more so when they started this battle with breast cancer together.

When Jane first developed breast cancer, she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. Ten years later, Joyce was diagnosed with breast cancer herself and underwent a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. For Joyce, one breast had cancer; she removed both during her mastectomy for prevention.

“We never told our mother about Joyce’s breast cancer diagnosis, but we went on a family vacation together shortly after she finished her treatment,” said Jane. “Well, when my mom saw her, her hair was probably 1/4 inch long and our mom looked at me and said ‘Why don’t you cut your hair like that? It looks good!’

A few years later, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time — and she needed a mastectomy, too. She relied wholeheartedly on her sister’s advice about the procedure who told her that “it wasn’t that bad — do them both and we will be cancer-free together.”

On September 25th, 2018 Jane did that very thing.

“Joyce came with me, stayed the nine hours it took to fix me up in the operating room, then stayed with me throughout that first night, said Jane. “I relied on her strength to help me. She told me not only will I have water for you, but I’ll make sure you get ice chips whenever you want!”

Jane and Joyce will be joining the MORE THAN PINK Walk for the second time as Team Twobs — Twins Without Boobs. They are looking forward to celebrating being cancer-free together.

Our name stands for Twins Without Boobs,” said Jane. “Maybe we will be the first support group of its kind? We hope so!”

They are hoping that sharing their stories with breast cancer impacts other women facing their own battle with this disease.

“I’m looking forward to shouting from the rooftops on November 3rd with my friends and family by my side that my microscopic analysis made my second cancer a grade 1 non-aggressive type, and the prophylactic side was cancer-free,” Jane said.

Together as twins, they know they can face whatever comes their way.

“Our bond made it so much easier for my kids to go on this journey,” said Jane. “They always knew my sister was fine and that I would be too. And I am!”

Join Team Twobs at the MORE THAN PINK Walk on Sunday, November 3 at Six Flags Great Adventure: www.komencsnj.org/walk

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