Unknown Primary Cancer

I went into my local clinic after discovering a lump in my neck. The doctor took a sample and I returned the next week to find out I had Squamous cell cancer in my lymph nodes. After removing the growth and my tonsils, the doctors suggested I had cancer with an unknown primary source.

I was treated at a naturopathic clinic with six months of chemotherapy, only to have a regrowth occur on my neck muscle near my original site. I was again treated yet had a more standard treatment (chemo and radiation). As difficult as this was, with a feeding tube, daily radiation sessions and two separate chemotherapy doses, my Squamous cells cancer is cured now for three-plus years.

Cancer has taught me may things, but mostly that every day is a gift, and you must make the most of every moment of every day of your life. I no longer sweat the small stuff and am living the dream that has forever made me who I m today. I am alive!