Using Meditation for Cancer Management


Remembering the simple joys of living and transporting yourself beyond immediate concerns can be helpful for patients with cancer, one woman explains in a poem.

During a patient’s journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment, it is often difficult to remember the simple joys of living. Rainbows have always been a source of wonder and enjoyment for me, transporting me in my imagination beyond immediate concerns. Now meditation exercises are part of my cancer management routine and I often envision a soft pastel rainbow as a focal point. I wrote this poem because I want to share the benefits of simple meditation with others, encouraging them to find to find their own focal points so they can move outside their concerns for a short respite. The poem is written in the traditional Japanese haiku style of three lines, the first and last line with five syllables and the middle line with seven. This is a more structured formula than most English haiku; I find this formula helps me focus on the essence of the meditation process.


The sky’s soft colors

Reflected in a rainbow:

A silent moment.

This poem was originally submitted for the CURE® 2021 Poetry Contest.

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